Dance Your Way to God Chapter 6


2 August 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[A visitor to the ashram, told Osho that she had been practising yoga for some time and had also worked at the jung institute. Osho said that she was ready now to move into meditation.... ] OSHO:... but you will have to find the right meditation for yourself, because there are a thousand and one techniques. All techniques are right, but all techniques are not right for one person. For one person, only two or three techniques at the most will be helpful. One can go on struggling with a wrong technique. Something will come out of it ­ it will give you a few glimpses ­ but it is not going to be your realisation. It cannot give you the ultimate. The ultimate happens only when you have found exactly the right technique. Then it fits with you. Everything falls into a whole. Fragments are no more fragmentary. They all fan in line and then you have no discordance in you. A deep accordance arises, a harmony. You become an orchestra. Ail the notes now are not contradictory to each other. They help, enhance and complement each other. That's what jung calls synchronicity: everything becomes synchronous, falls into a synthesis. That's where you become an individual. Before that you are a crowd. Only when one arises in you and everything is just a part of that one, an organic part, you become an individual, you become indivisible. That is the basic meaning of the word 'yoga'. It means exactly what jung means by 'individuation'. Yoga means becoming one, united, a unity, a unison, and the word 'individual' also means the same: to become one, undivided. But that happens only when you go on working on many methods, because there is no certain way to know beforehand, a priori, what is going to suit you. Man has to grope in darkness. But something is going to suit you.

One has to try all the possibilities that become available. Then suddenly one day, something suits. Then you have found your method ­ the search is no more for the method. Then you start working on the method... you start moving into your destiny. Before it, you were searching for the path. Now that the path is available, you start moving with your whole energy towards the goal. So I will suggest that if you can be here for a few days, try the meditations we are doing here. If you can be here for the camp.... In the camp we do five meditations. Each meditation is for a specific type and I divide people into five types, so one or other of the five methods is going to suit you. Ordinarily, one method suits. It is very rarely that somebody is so exceptional that nothing out of the five suits. But then too, I know how to work it out for him. If nothing suits for him, that too is a very good indication that he will need something of the sixth type, which is very rare; not a common type. There are only seven types. Five are very common; almost ninety-nine percent of people belong to one of five types. Then the sixth type ­ almost four percent of people, very exceptional, rare people, belong to the sixth type. And very very rare is the one percent who belong to the seventh type. But once either of the five suits you, decide for it. If it doesn't suit, then the sixth method can be tried. If that too doesn't suit, then we are coming home, and the seventh is your method. ... Jung is closer to religion than any other psychologist, but though he is closest, he is not yet on the path of religion. His methods are still psychological, not spiritual. And that is bound to be so, because these people were pioneers in the west. He went further ahead than freud. He started feeling in the darkness for the beyond. So he comes closest to religion, but even he remains far away. So, good.... If one is addicted to freud it is very difficult for one to move into religion, because he is furthest away. With jung you are closer. Many jungians are coming, but it is very difficult for freudians to come. We have a very old sannyasin, paritosh ­ you must see him. He is one of the oldest colleagues of jung. He is a sannyasin who has come to be here permanently. He himself is a psychoanalyst of the jungian school. Meet him ­ his experience will be helpful to you, because he has travelled from jung towards me and it will be very helpful for you to move from jung towards me; it will be easier. Talk to him about what has happened to him. And be here... much is possible. You are open, and much is possible. [The enlightenment intensive group is present. Osho had previously said about the group structure:] That question is very good. Raman maharshi used only that meditation. Through that meditation he attained his enlightenment, asking, 'Who am I?' That was his whole yoga, nothing else. The meditation is tremendously powerful, but one should go as deep as possible. One should allow it to sink to one's innermost core. It should penetrate you like an arrow going on and on and on, and suddenly one day a moment comes as if you are drilling a hole and suddenly the drill has passed to the other side. It is a drilling exactly like that: Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Go on drilling and then suddenly you see that you have drilled the hole, you have reached to the core ­ and it is tremendously beautiful.

[The group leader says: I made a prayer in the beginning. I said that I could step aside and that you would do it. ... Things can be done very easy. If you leave them to me they can be done very easy. It is not a question of whether I come and do it or not. That is not the question. Once you leave It to me, things start happening on their own. Then the cosmic energy is there when you just surrender. I am just an excuse for you to surrender. There is no need for me to come and work. Once you surrender to me, the cosmic energy is there... it is always there. Even when you are working on your own, then too it is cosmic energy working, but because of you there are a thousand and one hindrances. You give a very narrow opening to it, and it is flood-like. So rather than making things easy, your small opening and the flood-like energy are constantly in conflict. It creates tension. Use me just as an excuse to surrender, then you are no more in the way. The flood spreads and things start happening on their own. They are always happening on their own. Once you understand it, everything is very simple and very satisfactory. Then nothing can go wrong. Nothing ever goes wrong; whatsoever happens is right. Once you are not the doer, then everything is right. Once you are the doer, everything goes wrong. So very good. [A group member said he had developed a very strong fever. Osho checks his energy.] It was something beneficial for your body. Something like a complex of heat that you have always been carrying in the navel has been released. That's why you felt feverish. A sort of fire of many things combined ­ anger, rage ­ was there like a complex near the navel. It has broken, and the heat was released. And whenever it happens, of course the lower part of the body will be affected more, because for the energy to go up is difficult. For the energy to go down is very easy, so only a fragment of it went up; the major part went down. But it has been really beneficial. You will start feeling very very healthy soon ­ as you have never felt before ­ and a sort of coolness, a sort of collectedness, a tranquillity, will arise. But very good ­ feel happy about it. Many people are carrying many things near the navel. When they explode, different things happen to the body, because everything that we go on repressing goes on into the stomach. It clings somewhere near the navel and goes on accumulating there. So it was not a fever of the body. The body was affected, but the fever was of the mind. Some deep wound in your childhood was still alive. But now it will heal. It has opened and the pus has been thrown out of it. [A group member says: I had so many glimpses of just different things which don't fit.] Mm, don't try to fit them into a whole, because right now only glimpses will be possible and they will all be fragmentary ­ as if you are getting different pieces of a painting. The whole painting is not available and you are trying to fit those different pieces together. But all the pieces are not available, so right now they won't fit. One day they will fit. When all the pieces are available, suddenly you will be able to see that they all fit, but right now you have only a few pages. Those pages are also

incomplete, and you are trying to make a whole book out of them. Don't do that, because that will make you very puzled. Just go on collecting those glimpses. Don't be in a hurry to fit them together. When all the pieces are available they fit on their own accord. And only in the end do they fit, otherwise life remains a very puzling thing. Many things are there. Just take each individually. Don't try to make a whole of it. Enjoy it. Put the fragment aside. Only in the end, things fit together. When you have a complete perspective, when you can see the whole of life in one complete vision, then suddenly everything fits. Then one is simply surprised that such contradictory things are so complementary to each other; one cannot see even a single inconsistency. Everything seems to be consistent. But that happens only in the end. That is the final feeling; right now it is not possible. So enjoy whatsoever happens but never try to fit two pieces together, otherwise you will create trouble. You will get very puzzled, confused, and in that confusion you will lose even those pieces. So there is no need to make any consistent whole right now ­ nobody can. Just go on collecting, and when all is available they will fit. [The group member added that the group had been very easy for him, but he wondered if he should make more effort when he felt low.] That's very good... that's how it should be. Easy is right. ... no need to force yourself. Just enjoy the simplicity of things, the naturalness, and allow them to happen. Just sit here with closed eyes. ... Just let the energy move. No need to push, no effort to manipulate, no effort to manage. Just allow it... move with it. In fact, let it possess you; don't guide it. Just go with it in deep trust, in deep surrender.... [Osho said that the energy was moving very beautifully, and that he could do this meditation ­ of just allowing the energy to move as it wanted ­ whenever he felt to.]

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