Beloved of My Heart Chapter 25 Simply Rejoice Because youAre


Simply Rejoice Because you Are

27 May 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[A sannyasin says: when I'm with people I feel I'd like to say something but that nobody is listening. Then I get hostile and put people down.] Learn to listen rather than talk; then you will enjoy people more. When you are with somebody, become a good listener. There is no need to say much, because in fact there is nothing to say. If you say empty words, nobody listens to you. So rather than getting angry with them find out if you have anything to say. What exactly do you want to relate? What is there to say? Before one can say something, one has to attain something. Before you can sing a song, a song must arise in your heart, otherwise your singing will be superficial. There will be no throb of the heart in it and nobody will want to listen to it. People don't listen to words; they are fed up with them. Everybody is throwing words at them. They are all doing the same. It is almost like a volley-ball match with people throwing words at each other. People are fed up with words. Just try to be silent with people, but not negatively silent ­ that's why I say listen. Listening is a positive silence. You are intent, attentive. You are not disinterested, you are not indifferent. You are not yawning and looking at your watch; you are really listening. You are giving your whole heart to them, opening yourself. Listen to people. You will learn much about them, about you. Listen to people and you will feel an opening. A great warmth will arise in you ­ whatsoever they are saying; that is not the point. Just pay them attention, participate with them and allow them to feel that they have been listened

to. You will see that people will think you are a good talker. They will say to people '[You are] such a good talker. He talks so beautifully' ­ and you have not said a single word! You may have said yes or no or something like that, but they will carry the impression that you are a very very good conversationalist. They are seeking, just as you are, somebody who is ready to listen to them. [Osho said that this is all psychoanalysis is about ­ paying people to listen to you because nobody else has time.] Bertrand Russell has written a story about the twenty-first century and there being a whole world full of psychoanalysts ­ each neighbourhood having a psychoanalyst because nobody will be listening to anybody. You will have to pay someone because you have to unburden your heart. The old days will be gone when people were ready to listen to whatsoever you wanted to say. The problem is the same for everyone. You think they are not listening to you. They think you are not listening to them. Nobody is listening, that's true, because everybody wants to unburden himself. He wants you to be receptive so that he can unburden himself. Rather than finding you receptive, he finds you aggressive. You are trying to unburden yourself... he escapes. Talk as little as possible ­ just a few words in between to help the person to go on talking and so that he doesn't feel awkward. Just a word here and there to provoke him, to reassure him that you are listening. Just nodding the head will do. You will feel much opening. The second thing to understand is that unless you are enjoying yourself, sooner or later you will feel frustrated. People don't know how to enjoy themselves. They know many other things: how to go to a movie and enjoy it, how to make love to a woman and enjoy it, how to eat good food and enjoy it ­ but nobody seems to know how to just enjoy themselves. You can see movies but you will get fed up. You can move with women but you will get fed up because it is the same repetition again and again. You can read a few stories and novels but again you will get fed up because it is the same triangle and the same love story. Only details change, but the whole gestalt remains the same. By and by the food is the same; it is the same morning and evening ­ everything continues. It is a routine, unless you can enjoy yourself ­ because you are the source of constant renewal, resurrection. Within your innermost core, new life is happening every moment. It is an explosion, an ongoing explosion. Unless you start enjoying it, nothing is going to help; all are just postponements. You can push frustration a little further away but again it will be there waiting for you. So start enjoying yourself. Just sitting silently, feel delighted. Just looking at the stars, for no particular reason, start singing or dancing. And don't think that this is mad. People have a very curious notion. If they are happy for no reason at all they are thought to be mad. People say that you must have some reason to be happy. As I see it, happiness should be just a natural state of affairs. You are alive ­ that's enough. You should be happy. To be alive is enough reason to be happy, to rejoice. If people ask you why you are happy, you simply say because you are alive! But people think that we must have some other cause: you have won a lottery or have won something in a horse race;

you have a new girlfriend or you have become famous; you have become a Nobel Prize winner or something. These people can never really be happy. Their happiness is just like lightning; it comes and goes. It is nothing that you can be nourished by. It is nothing that you can breathe in and out. So start being happy for no reason at all. Even you will think that something is going wrong; there is no reason to be happy. But I say just being alive is enough. In the bible, one of the most repeated words is 'rejoice'; almost nine hundred times. Again and again 'rejoice', 'joy', 'delight' ­ or other synonyms for the same word. And the meaning of the word rejoice is beautiful: you simply rejoice because you are. Try it and get in tune with it. Again the morning has come. Rejoice and thank God because one day there will be no morning. Again the night is full of stars. Rejoice and dance under it because one day you will not be there and the dance will not be possible. A night has been given to you again. Why waste it? And this enjoyment should be simple, unreasonable, irrational. And it should not have anything to do with anybody else. It should be simply within you, the flame of it. And when you can rejoice alone, you can relate; you will have something to say. Even your silence will become pregnant. Even if you sit silently by someone, he will feel your presence. He will be filled by your presence. He will be touched by you, invoked, invited to your innermost shrine. He will become a guest in you. Whether you say anything or not is irrelevant. Even silence says much when you have something to say. And when you don't have anything to say, you go on talking; those words are empty. They are not pregnant with life. They really don't belong to you; they have not arisen out of you. They don't carry any part of you, are not full of your presence. So first create an aura of rejoicing around you, a milieu, an atmosphere. Then you can create it alone; nobody is needed. And when you are happy you will feel that people are attracted towards you, are pulled almost magnetically. Something inner starts pulling one. Who does not want to be happy? And who does not want to be with a man who is happy? The happy man has become such a rarity. People go on tolerating unhappy people because what else can one do? Those are the only people available. Become happy and then you will see that even your silence is heard, to say nothing of your words. People simply feel good when they are close to you and then you become open. These are reciprocal things. When your presence makes others happy, their happiness makes you more happy. This goes on and on to higher waves. [The encounter group is present. The group leader says: It was a good group. I'm learning to more and more trust the group. But by the third and fourth day a lot of people are stuck and I start to get concerned. Being concerned or trying doesn't seem to help. It seems to need a balance of the two.] No, being concerned is not good, because if you are concerned too much, you will become tense. And if you become tense you cannot help.

Your tension is constantly broadcasted and it makes other people also tense. Watch it. When you are tense and you talk to somebody, you will immediately feel that he has become tense. Or whenever somebody is talking to you and you suddenly feel a tension, you can be almost certain that he is creating a tension around you. So if you are talking to somebody and you feel tense, immediately relax the stomach. Relax at least yourself; that will be a great help. Care is not concern; it is totally different. When care becomes an anxiety it becomes concern. When concern is minus anxiety, it is simply care. You care about them but you are not concerned because what can you do? You can make the opportunity available and then leave it. Whatsoever is going to happen will happen. If they are ready to participate in it, they will participate. If they are not ready or they are resisting, or they have decided not to participate, then that is their way. Nothing can be done. We cannot force anybody to relax because all enforcement will make them more tense. So simply be loving, careful, but not concerned too much. Concern becomes more or less a concern about the result. Care is about the person; concern is about the result. If I care about you it is a personal thing; I care about you, I love you. If I am concerned then I am more concerned about what is going to happen. You are not in my focus, but the outcome, the final result. Concern is result-oriented, care is person-oriented. So even if you are not growing, it makes no difference, I go on caring. I go on loving you, I go on showering my love. The future is not the question at all. What happens is not to be worried about because any worry is a very poisonous thing. If you become too worried about the result, you send messages around you that you are tense. That tension will create defense measures. People will become alert and defensive. The more they defend, the more concerned you will be, and then it becomes a vicious circle. So simply go on doing whatsoever you feel is right. Your responsibility is towards your own sincerity, is in seeing that you are not being lazy, that you are not avoiding anything, not neglecting, but are doing whatsoever you can do. And about that too, don't be too perfectionistic because that will create anxiety. Remain floating and spontaneous. And whatsoever happens is good. I really mean it ­ whatsoever happens is good. Sometimes a person does not open; that too is good. That is what is needed on his path right now. Maybe it will be too soon if he opens. Let him also have the opportunity to resist. His resistance may give him a certain integration; one never knows. One has to always accept whatsoever happens because we cannot know the beginning or the end. A person is an unfinished process. Right now there is no way to predict what will be the outcome of a certain thing. If a person opens himself easily, maybe in the same way he will forget about this opening when the group is finished. So it is difficult to say whether it was good or bad. Another person resists to the very last and in the very last moment, relaxes. Now the same will happen. Out of the group he will go on persisting with his openness for longer than the person who immediately opened. So nothing can be said, and everybody functions in a different way. Every mechanism is different. Conditioning is different, potentiality is different and each one's future is going to be different. So

we can hope for the best but never create any anxieties. Accept and more things will be happening because there will be more flow. [The group leader, referring to a participant, says: He works really hard but he never goes really deep. It is never a complete catharsis. The participant says: I was going as deep as I could when I was trying to cathart.] Rolfing will be helpful for you. Something has to be done in the body it seems. The whole musculature seems to be very tense. And another, start running in the morning on the road. Start with half a mile and then one mile and come at least to three miles eventually. While running use the whole body. Don't run as if you are in a straitjacket. Run like a small child, using the whole body ­ hands and feet ­ and run. Breathe deeply and from the belly. Then sit under a tree, rest, perspire and let the cool breeze come; feel peaceful. This will help very deeply. The musculature has to be relaxed. If you like swimming, you can go swimming also. That will help. But that too has to be done as totally as possible. Anything in which you can become totally involved will be helpful. It is not a question of anger or any other emotion. The question is to get into anything totally; then you will be able to get into anger and love also. One who knows how to get into anything totally can get into everything totally; that's not the point. And it is difficult to work with anger directly because it may be deeply repressed. So work indirectly. Running will help much anger and much fear to evaporate. When you are running for a long time and breathing deeply, the mind stops functioning and the body takes over. For a few moments sitting under the shade of the tree, perspiring, enjoying the cool breeze, there are no thoughts. You are simply a throbbing body, an alive body, an organism in tune with the whole; just like an animal. [To the group leader:] for people like this in your group, a small exercise will be very helpful. Whenever you feel that somebody is not going below the stomach, below the belly, is somehow superficial, tell him to walk and pant like a dog. Let his tongue be out, and hang down. The whole passage will become open. So whenever you feel that somebody has some block there, panting can be very significant. If he pants for half an hour, his anger will flow very beautifully. His whole body will become involved in it. (to the participant) So you can try this in your room sometimes. You can use a mirror and bark and growl at it (laughter). Within three weeks you will feel things going very very deeply. Once anger is relaxed, gone, you will feel free. [Another participant says: I 'm not actually interested in people, in other people s affairs. I have started to open myself but then fall back into myself again. The group leader says: He has started to open... He always works things out first very carefully. But he's working and starting to come out.]

No, it will come... it will come. There are two types of possibilities. If a person works through the head too much, it is not that the heart is really blocked. Energy is just not moving that way, that's all. There is no block, but the energy is moving in the head and the heart is left aside. This is one possibility. The other possibility is that the heart is blocked and that's why energy is moving towards the head. Then it is very difficult to open it. With you there is no problem. Your energy is moving towards the head because you have used your head up to now and you have used it skillfully. So there is nothing wrong in it. Your heart passage is completely open, so it is simply a question of decision. Once you decide and you take a step towards the heart, the energy will be flowing. Don't be worried that it will close again. It is up to you. If you want it to remain open, it will. I don't see any block in the heart. You have one of the purest hearts. It is just that the energy is not moving that way because you have never moved it. In fact you have prevented it. That always happens to people who are working with the head too much. The heart seems like a distraction. A person who is working with reason always thinks that feeling is a distraction because it is disturbing. It disturbs reason. Reason is very unfeeling, calculating, exact, mathematical. Feeling brings something which is non-mathematical, irrational. People who work with the head too much, by and by close the passage to the heart because the heart will come in and disturb their whole pattern. Reason has a different gestalt. It is arithmetical. The heart brings poetry which is not arithmetical at all. But you don't have any problem, so just allow your heart to move... Whatsoever you are doing in the group, allow it more and more. The question is not that you should be concerned with other people. The basic question is that when you are concerned with other people, when you take care of them, your heart starts functioning. It is just a way to help the heart function again. For example a person who works through the head is more concerned with things, not people, because things can be manipulated through the head. A person who lives through the head, even if he becomes a politician, is not concerned with people, but only in counting their heads. So such people by and by avoid all commitment to people. Love and affection seem to be disturbing factors because they bring in alien elements. For example, a judge has to live through the head. He has to live through the law and to follow the law literally. If a poor man comes who has been caught as a thief and the judge looks at him, he will feel he has not done much wrong. He is so poor and to steal something seems to be just the right thing to do. What else could he have done? His mother is dying and he had no medicine. Now if the judge looks at the person and allows his feelings... and the law does not bother about whether the person who has been caught as a thief is poor or rich, educated or uneducated, whether his mother is alive or dead or lying dying on the bed; that's not the point. Those are irrelevant things.

A person is a thief. The law doesn't go into the details. If it did there would be no law because each person will be different and how can you decide a particular law for each person? The law has to be general. It has to be unconcerned with persons and their lives. So the judge sits there with his wig on. The wig is a protection. It makes the judge impersonal. Sitting up in his chair with a black coat and a wig, he is no more a person. He simply represents the law. When he goes home, he puts the wig away. Then he is a husband or a father and he will think differently. Even judges when they come back home think again. Their nights are disturbed. Is what they have done right? Was it humane to do it? But that was not a concern while they were being a judge. When they are a judge, they are simply a judge. Almost mechanical, computer-like they function. That's how we avoid the heart, because the heart is very rebellious. It is anarchic. It believes in no laws. It believes in life but it doesn't believe in law. It does not believe in reason, calculation, mathematics. It trusts life but that trust will not allow the head to function efficiently. So a person who is concerned too much with the head, by and by cuts his passage, channelises his whole energy towards the head. He becomes hung up in the head. So start taking an interest in other people as persons. Try it in this group. Mix with people, make friendships. Put away your wig and move again as a human being. [The sannyasin replies: I have tried to come out of the head by not bothering about things concerning the head and I have noticed that my memory started functioning not very well. I forgot things that I had memorised in former times.] That will happen. That will happen for a period, for the time being, because when the energy starts moving towards the heart, that old channel to the head will not be so full of energy. It will become feeble... It will be just as if a river is channelised into a different direction and it doesn't move on the old river bed. The trees on that bank will start dying; they will not be green. So your memory, your skill, for the time being will feel as if it is becoming weaker. Whenever your heart has started functioning well, the next thing to do is to become capable of flowing in any direction whenever it is needed. Then you can channelise your energy towards the head and then all the memory that the head carries is revived immediately. The memory remains there. It is just like a tape recorder. All that is recorded is there but if the electric current is not passing through it, it is there but you cannot listen to it. It is not manifested. So in the beginning you will feel that. Forget all about it. Simply move with the heart and many memories of the heart which have become dead will become alive. You will start remembering many beautiful things about your childhood. On the heart path also, there are memories; memories of experiences, memories of feeling, of ecstasy, of elation, of excitement, which are not part of the head. Suddenly you will become aware that a past moment has again come back to life.

You are a small child collecting stones and seashells on the seashore. Again there is the same breeze. For a moment you are there... it is not just a memory. That is the difference between the heart memory and the head memory. In the head, memory is always a memory about the past. In the heart memory, the experience is relived again; it is not just a memory. It is not that you remember it ­ you relive it. It is very very alive. So those memories will revive and they will be an enrichment. The head is not losing anything. In fact nothing is ever lost. Forgetting anything is almost impossible; memory functions automatically. The only thing that is needed is for you to channelise your energy into the head; then those memories will be revived. If your energy is not flowing, then you will feel that you are forgetting things. Nobody forgets. Even things that you think you have forgotten, you have not forgotten. You can be hypnotised and told to repeat them and you will be able to. So don't be worried just move more towards the heart. [The sannyasin answers: I don 't know how to channelise the energy.] Again you are asking a head question, of how to channelise the energy. That is not the question. Just relate to people, hold their hands, hug them, listen to what they are saying. Go into the music group, sing and dance. Go to the river, swim. Find friends and meet and mingle with them; don't remain aloof. These are not hows. They are just hints; not devices. You are a wall but a door is also hiding there and that will be opened. [Another participant says: I got in touch with deep anger and I felt my possibility of hurting people. And I got a feeling of being rejected. The group leader says: I feel there's a fundamental 'No, I'm not going to change '] You need a love relationship. Love will make you soft. Without love people become very hard, and it is only love that helps people change. Otherwise people become very adamant. They don't want to change. For what? The ego feels very resistant to change. Only in love one starts thinking of changing because in love you come across your ego as your enemy, not as your friend. Only in love one starts feeling that one's ego is one's whole undoing. Then one wants to drop it. In love one understands that one's anger is poisoning the whole beauty of It. If you don't have any love affair, your anger is not creating any trouble for you. Your ego is not creating any trouble for you so why drop the anger, why drop the ego? In fact in dropping them you will feel as if you are losing something and gaining nothing. Right now what is there to drop them for? This is my understanding: if a woman loves you, you immediately start thinking in terms of becoming worthy of her. Whenever a woman loves a man or a man loves a woman, for the first time your

significance is recognised. For the first time somebody says, 'You are good. You are beautiful. You are fantastic.' And you know you are not! Now somebody is giving you a very very great image of being beautiful and you know you are not; you are ugly. Now for the first time you become aware that you are ugly. This woman is saying that you are beautiful and you would like to be beautiful; you would like to become as she sees you. An idea to change yourself arises. That's why in the East we have emphasised the relationship between a master and a disciple very much. When a master looks at a disciple he appreciates the disciple so much that the disciple starts feeling uncomfortable. He starts thinking, 'I must do something to deserve this.' Then the idea to change comes easy. As I see it there is no problem. You are behaving like a cock because you need a hen! And she will put you right. People who are not in a love relationship try to assert themselves and try to prove that they are somebody. People who are in a love relationship are not so assertive, not so aggressive, because love teaches them the beauty of humbleness. I don't see that anger is your problem. I see lack of love is your problem. Anger is symptomatic. When lack of love is there, anger will be there. Anger is possessing your throne where love should be. And you cannot just dethrone anger. You will have to invite love. From this door love enters and from another door, anger will fly out. But it has been good; the group has been good. It has brought something to light. For the remaining two days, drop all resistance and see what happens. These are just experiments to see oneself in different lights. For five days you have been resisting, having a deep no within your belly, saying that you are not going to change. You have been feeling powerful that nobody can change you. That was your power trip. Now make it just the reverse. Relax and say that 'Anybody can change me, I am ready. Even a child can meet me and I am ready to be led!' That is more powerful. Just reverse the role and after the group I will suggest you find a love relationship and many things will happen through it. [Another participant says: I've learned to open more to you. I want to stay open.] The openness will stay; don't be worried. If you loved it, if you liked it, it will stay. Whatsoever we love, stays; and whatsoever goes, goes only because we did not really love it. We may have said so but deep down we rejected it. If you accept it, it is going to stay. Whatsoever is accepted becomes part of you. So just accept it and it will remain. Enjoy it... it will remain with you. [Another participant says: I can't really get in touch with my heart. I feel very blocked. But I now I can feel my heart because I feel it sometimes when I feel you. Osho told him to do the same three exercises he had suggested to the previous group member ­ of running, swimming and panting like a dog.]

Nothing is wrong. It is just that you have not used your heart for a long time, that's all. There is nothing like a block. It is just that you haven't used it. If you don't use your hand for many days, it becomes as if paralysed. You massage it and the blood circulates again. Everything needs to be used to remain functioning. In the modern world very few people are using their hearts; very few. It is not just your problem; it is the problem of almost ninety-nine percent of people. It is good that you have become aware. They are not even aware. They think that the beating, the function of the lungs is what the heart is. It is not. The heart is something very different from the physical beating, from the blood-circulating mechanism. The heart is something very subtle. It is a totally different world of vision. It is an insight of the immaterial, the invisible. It is what gives the experience of God. The heart is the medium to feel the presence of God. Love, prayer, God, all happen through the heart. It is the most essential thing in life, hut it is not needed in any utilitarian way in life. In the marketplace it has no value. In the university it has no value. In the world as such the heart is not needed. The world is absolutely heartless. And when you try to fit with the world, you also become heartless. Not to be is not only useless, it is a sort of hindrance. In your functioning rightly, it will be a distraction. But you have become aware and that's good. [The sannyasin adds: The first time I thought I came in touch with my heart, I completely freaked out... So now I have this fear.] Don't be afraid. Once or twice you may freak again because it gives such a jolt to your whole energy. That world is completely different to the one you have been used to; totally different, diametrically opposite. It is maddening; that's why people have stopped it happening. People of the heart are mad people. They can go berserk any moment; that's why the world does not want to bother with them. They are not reliable, not predictable. The world needs mechanisms, absolutely predictable, efficient, that's all. The world does not need man, it needs machines, and the heart is not a machine. It is the most non-mechanical part in you. So this will happen, but don't be worried. When it happens, do only one thing. Close your room, lie down on the bed, and have a good laugh. Say things, sing, dance. Don't go out, that's all. Whenever you feel like being mad, enjoy it in your aloneness. Never freak in the outside world, because then it will be thought to be mad, and you will start controlling it because it looks awkward. Then the police enter and the court and the law and you are in difficulty. Madness should be a private thing, and then it is beautiful, worth enjoying. One needs only to be this much aware ­ to close yourself in your room when a mad moment comes. Soon it will be gone. And when it goes you will feel so silent... as one feels after a great storm. When it is gone you will feel completely new and fresh, as if you have just taken a beautiful shower.

In the modern world it has become more and more difficult to be mad in public. In the old world, and still in primitive societies, there is a possibility. For example in indian villages, in primitive societies, in the night they will gather together and dance to abandon. They will go almost mad because they say it is religious ,and it is good. But in modern societies that too has become difficult. A person who is fixed to sanity and cannot be mad is not really alive; is half alive. And a person who is mad and cannot be sane again is half alive. Both are lop-sided. Both are missing something. My emphasis is that you should be total. When it is needed that you be sane ­ in the office, in the market, in the world, be sane. But when the world is no more there why continue with sanity? Put it away; become mad. Enjoy both; you will be richer for it. And if you can enjoy your madness you will never be mad. Accumulated madness, unexperienced, unexpressed madness, becomes one day too heavy, and then it explodes. It kills all sanity. A really sane person always has a corner of his life for his madness also. That is part of life. And life is more beautiful with a little madness in it. So never be absolutely wise. A little foolishness gives a little salt to wisdom. A little foolishness gives humour, humbleness. And a really wise man is also a fool. [Another group member says: I couldn't get the energy together to really cathart. I found out a lot of things in the group but my mind immediately labels them and then they are dead.] It is a great quality. There are very few people who can remain always miserable (chuckling). It is almost spiritual. Mm mm... so don't do anything. For one month, remain as miserable as possible. And no lovemaking for one month; be celibate. Because I see some connection there. For one month be celibate, absolutely celibate. A catholic nun... and miserable. Both are religious things, mm? (laughter). Simply do it for one month and then I will say what I mean. So, no love-making so that energy accumulates, and be miserable so that there is no expression of the energy, because misery is a closedness. Almost always celibates have been miserable because they are trying to conserve energy. When you are happy, you release energy. So whenever you find yourself being happy, immediately change it. Even if you have caught yourself in the middle of a laughter, immediately drop it there and then. There is nothing to worry about. I would just like to see how something in your energy system works and then I will be able to see perfectly what has to be done. Right now it is difficult because your energy system is a little messed up. [Another group member says: I feel very shy and helpless. For the first days I was sitting in the corner and didn't do anything. Now I can go to people and I feel more love for them.]

That's good. Don't be a miser about love. Be a spendthrift. The more you give, the more you will have. Love is something that you earn by giving it. If you hoard it, it dies and leaves black holes in your being. If you give it, it flowers and in your being you feel lotuses flowering. When you give love, you are not doing any kindness to anybody ­ you are kind to yourself. Remember ­ it is selfish. The more you love people, the more happy you will become. Don't make the mistake that ordinarily the whole humanity is making. People are very calculating about love. Even if they are going to smile, they think twice whether they should smile or not, and whether this person deserves it or not. What foolishness! It has nothing to do with the other person. If you don't smile, you will lose smiling. If you don't give love, it will die and you will suffer. So go on giving it to people. Even go out of the way to love and share. Just with strangers be friendly and loving. Even when you are sitting alone, don't sit as if you are alone. The whole of existence surrounds you ­ be loving to it. Loving should become just a natural attitude, a climate that hovers around you. And everything becomes possible when love becomes possible. Love is the very door to all that is beautiful, true... to all that is divine. I can see that you are a little shy, withdrawing, keeping to yourself, not poking your nose into other people's business, but that is dangerous for you. I don't mean that you should go out and poke your nose into others' affairs, but whenever there is an opportunity to share... and small things matter much. Just a smile and it changes your whole being. Watch. A stranger passes by you and you say hello and smile. Suddenly you have a change. Your whole energy is no more the same as it was just a moment before. It is just as if a fresh breeze passed through you. That man passing by became an opportunity. You were reflected in him. You smiled, he smiled. You don't know his name, he does not know yours. Then you are on your way. You will never meet again, but through that energy transfer something happened. You will feel good. Your step will have a dance in it.

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