Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast Chapter 18


18 February 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

Deva means divine, akal means timelessness ­ divine timelessness. And that has to become your target. The mind is time; when the mind disappears, time disappears. In a state of no-mind there is no experience of time. All is, but nothing moves; everything simply stops. There comes a great pause: that pause is meditation. So you have to remember two things. One is: drop thinking about time ­ past, future, present. Sitting silently, move into a kind of timelessness. Start feeling that there is no time, that time is a fantasy of the mind; and it is so. Jesus is asked by his disciples, 'What will happen in the kingdom of god? Tell us something specific.' And Jesus gives a very strange answer; he says, 'There will no longer be time. It is not recorded in the Bible; it comes from the Sufi tradition. Sufis have some valuable things to say about Jesus; this is one of those valuable things. If you can lose time-consciousness, meditation will come very easily. All the methods that we do here are really on the way towards losing timeconsciousness. When you are breathing chaotically, totally, you forget time. When you are dancing or singing totally you forget time. That is the joy that people derive out of sexual orgasm, because in sexual orgasm time disappears. In all experiences of beauty, joy, time disappears; it is an essential ingredient of all great experiences. So in the East, akal, timelessness, has become equivalent to meditation. [Osho explains the meaning of anand shirsha ­ bliss peak ­ it is possible to become that peak of bliss; all that is needed is not to be satisfied with the ordinary. People are happy running after power and prestige, money and respectability. Who bothers about bliss? And when millions of people around you are running after money, you think that there must be something in it; so many people

can't be wrong. The truth is that so many people can't be right! Truth is a rare quality; so many people can't be right. Truth is attained only once in a while. It exists in the desert somewhere like an oasis. And unless one is dissatisfied with the ordinary, mundane world, Osho concludes, the search for bliss never starts.] Anand means bliss, satlok means the true country, the true land, the true home ­ the true home of bliss. Keep it like a star constantly shining inside, that this is not your home, that this world is at the most a caravanserai ­ good to stay for the night but in the morning we have to go. And the night is not going to be very long, it is a short stay on the way. Don't forget it, that we are not to remain here forever. Once this is understood, that we are not to remain here forever, all values of life immediately change. When you stay in a caravanserai you don't start decorating it, because by the morning you have to go. You don't start any attachment with the things in it because in the morning you have to go. Once the world is thought of as a passage, not as a home, things start changing: then money is not that relevant, power and prestige and respectability mean nothing. Then energy is not wasted in things which mean nothing. One starts searching for the real... which can become one's home. Let your sannyas be the beginning of that search! How long will you be here? [The new sannyasin has been in the Arica school for four years. He asks: I wanted to ask you about Arica, how you felt about it, what I should say to my friends. It is a hodge-podge, declares Osho, and goes on to say what he has said before about Arica, that there are many beautiful methods being used but it lacks heart. It is only bricks; the temple is not there.] A very clever mind is behind it, but not an enlightened mind; and that is where something of immense value is missing. So tell your friends to learn the techniques, but remember only one thing, that sooner or later you will have to look somewhere else. Those techniques can be used, but they will have to be used somewhere else ­ Arica cannot use them. Arica can put you on the path but it cannot help you to reach the goal. So Aricans will have to look somewhere else; sooner or later they will have to move. I cannot say that any method in itself is wrong; all the methods they use are right and can be used if there is somebody who has an organic vision of life. They can be used, they can fit together. But that person is missing there. It is efficient, it is clever, but it is not arising out of a no-mind. It is not growing through an enlightened being; the master is missing. The methods are there, a mastermind is there but the master is missing. So tell that to your friends. Love has no name. You cannot define it, you cannot say what it is. You can be in it, you can experience it, you can help others to experience it, but there is no way to define it. Millions of people have loved, millions of people have experienced the joy of it, the mystery of it, but not a single definition exists in the world. So is the case with god. That's why Jesus says, 'God is love'; they are both indefinables. And of course god is unknown to us, but love is a little bit known so we have to start from love. From love

to god, that is the whole path. From one definable that is available to another definable that is not available. But because both are indefinable and nameless, there is something that is similar that bridges them. [A couple of visitors who are therapists are present. The man says that everything is good in his work: But outside of that sometimes I have a lot of self-doubt and wonder if it's more of an ego thing... that I'm a very egotistical person.] That is a problem almost every therapist is facing in the West. It is not personal to you, it is very impersonal. So try to understand it very impersonally. Therapy is only the beginning of growth, and a very rudimentary beginning. You can learn therapeutic methods, you can start working on those methods and results will be coming. It is not necessary that you have-that kind of consciousness yourself; it is not necessary. It is like medicine: the doctor may be suffering from tuberculosis himself but he can treat others. It is not that because he suffers from tuberculosis himself be cannot treat a person suffering from tuberculosis; he can. And naturally doubts will arise, because he himself suffers. He cannot treat himself but he is treating others, and when he sees results coming and that the others are treated, then doubts are naturally there; what is happening, what is he doing? Just as medicine has become a technique and a doctor can practise it, so therapy is becoming a technique in the West. In the East there has never existed a person like the therapist. The East has not known the therapist at all. It has known the master but not the therapists; and the difference is immense. The master is one who has attained to that consciousness himself; then he helps. But he helps from a vision that he has attained. Then there is no doubt ever. Naturally his work goes very deep. He has moved from all those spaces in which others are stuck, he knows the whole map of human consciousness, and he has arrived. In the East we have never allowed any man to help others unless he has arrived, so the therapist has not existed. The therapist is a Western invention. Freud himself suffered from great psychological problems, so did Jung, so did Adler, so have the other great psychologists and psychoanalysts and therapists; they are not masters. You have learned those techniques from this tradition, the Western tradition. You can be very efficient, you can help people and people will be helped, but your doubt will not disappear. In fact the more people are helped, the more doubtful you will become: what is happening? ­ because it looks mysterious. If nothing comes out of your work, that will be perfectly okay: you will wonder what can come out of it ­ you have not arrived yourself. When somebody has an ego problem and you help, how can you help? ­ because the problem exists inside you too. You can get totally involved with the person, you can tell him everything that is known to you about the ego, you can give him recipes, you can give him devices to get rid of it, but deep down you know that these things can't work because they have not even worked for you. So the therapist is living a kind of lie; he is pretending something to people. He has to, otherwise he will not be able to work. He has to keep a mask, he has not to allow people to see what exactly

his situation is. But, later on when you are alone your mask will slip.Sometimes you will be able to see your face in the mirror and you will be worried. This worry will become more and more as you become more successful and this doubt will poison your whole being. You can continue working as a therapist but pay more attention to you own inner growth. Don't be fooled by your work. Sometimes that happens: when you start succeeding you can be fooled by it. You can think, 'When I am helping so many people there must be something in me' and then the ego can become even more strong. I have come across thousands of therapists; this is a basic problem for everybody. You will have to give a little attention to yourself. Work, continue your work, but don't allow it to become your life, don't allow it to become equivalent to your life. You owe something to yourself too. If you can go deeper into your being you will be able to help also. Then there will be no pretension, no lie, and the doubt will disappear. When the doubt disappears miracles become possible, because whatsoever you say, you mean. And it is out of your own experience ­ it is not borrowed. It has an authenticity, a truth, it is self-evident, and you can put it out with passion. So make it a point that if you give two weeks per month for groups, give two weeks for yourself, and at least continue meditating.... Meditate, do a few groups here, and in doing those groups forget that you are a group leader, forget completely. Go absolutely innocent, otherwise that knowledge will not allow you to move deeply into it. It is different being a leader. Sometimes the participant gains more than the leader, because the leader has to play a game and the participant is there innocently.... Very good. And think of sannyas! What is the fear? [The visitor says: I have a conflict of how I can incorporate that into what I do. There's a large group that we have in the States... ] It will be helpful to your work and to you, and to them too. You are not the first therapist who will be going in orange; in fact no therapist goes without being orange! (laughter) So there are hundreds of therapists all over the world and it has helped them. Then you are connected with me too and you can share me with your people too. Sometimes when you are stuck, you can simply relax and surrender to me; immediately some help will be possible. Your work will be enhanced. You will start feeling my presence in the group also, and that will transform the very quality. My therapists are doing miracles, because they are not alone. Otherwise you are alone: that doubt is there, the ego is there, and those are barriers! People will think you have gone a little crazy... so what? And crazier people will start coming to you! (laughter) Think about it. [To the woman therapist Osho says:] Mm? should I make you a sannyasin?.... Because your heart is saying, 'Make me a sannyasin!' Your head may not know what it is all about, but the heart has its own reasons the head knows

nothing of. And it is better to follow the heart than the head. Cowards follow the head; courageous people follow the heart. Rather than thinking what it is, it is better to go into it and know it; first hand is better. So what should we do? My feeling is: first become a sannyasin, then I will talk to you! (laughter) [She answers: I need a little more time.] You can have it, but you will be missing an opportunity... you will be missing an opportunity. You can have time and then you can decide, but that will be your decision. Right now it is my decision. There is a great difference between the two. Right now it will be a gift from me; when you decide, it will be your decision. You can choose between these, two, whatsoever you want. If you decide, that will be a continuity of your own mind. Your mind decides, that's why you take it; it will be part of the ego. Right now it will dissolve the ego, it will give you a great freedom. It will be just out of love for me. It will be going into the unknown without any brooding about it, without thinking of the result and the consequence. [She stalls: What if I can't live up to the commitment?] Don't think of the future. I will make you live up to it. If I can make you a sannyasin, I will make you live up to commitments too. If you can do such an absurd act as becoming a sannyasin then everything else will follow! Don't think of the future. You don't know your own potential. I can see it ­ you will be able to live up to the commitment. You will become one of my best sannyasins; there is no problem about it. I will see to it! So you can relax. There is no need to worry about it. Prem means love, manish means wisdom. There is a knowledge that is possible through the intellect, but there is a wisdom that is possible only through the heart, through love. Knowledge is always superficial because it is of the head. It is borrowed, it is not your own. The mind functions like a computer: you can go on feeding it and it can go on giving you answers. But it can give only those answers which you have already fed it; it repeats. The mind is never original, cannot be by its very nature. All originality is of the heart, the new arises out of the heart. The fresh is born in the heart, all insights are of the heart. They are never intellectual, they are intuitive: that intuition is called manish. There is a knowledge that happens by loving, and sannyas is an initiation into that knowing. It is a totally different dimension of knowing. That's why I insisted not to think about it, because if you take sannyas through thinking it will be of a different plane. If you take sannyas without thinking it will have a depth of its own. It will not be superficial, it will be a quantum leap. It will not be a continuity, it will not be syllogistic. You have not calculated about it, you simply go without calculation. Then it is a gamble. Gambling is good and bargaining is not -good. All that is great arrives only to gamblers. Buddha is a gambler, so is Christ. People who are too clever go on missing the point. Don't be clever, be loving! If love lands you in ditches, it is okay; if love leads you to hell, it is okay, because love knows how to transform even hell. If your mind takes you to heaven, you will not be able to enjoy there either, because the mind knows how to create hell, how to create misery.

Sannyas is the beginning of a totally different kind of life: the life of risk and insecurity, the life of constantly moving into the uncharted. And because I see the potential, I insisted, and I will go on insisting: this is just the beginning! [The new sannyasin asks about: becoming more loving and ridding myself of judgment, and becoming more accepting, ridding myself of jealousy, possessiveness. What is the best way to do this?... I've done group encounters, primals, in the States.] This is a universal problem; and it cannot be solved, it can only be transcended. People try to solve it. They create more problems; that's what is being done all over the world. These problems ­ jealousy, possessiveness ­ are not really problems but symptoms, symptoms that you don't yet know what love is. We take it for granted that we know what love is, and then the problem of jealousy arises. That is not right. The problem is arising because love is not yet there; it simply shows that love has not yet arrived, it simply shows the absence of love. So you cannot solve it. All that is needed is to forget about jealousy, because that is a negative fight. It is fighting with darkness; it is pointless. Rather, light a candle. That's what love is. Once love starts flowing, jealousy and possessiveness and all that simply become non-existent. You are simply surprised at where they have gone, you cannot find them. It is just as when you light a candle you can go on looking for darkness all over the room and you will not find it. You are even looking with a light and you cannot find it. You cannot find it with light because it is no more there; it was simply an absence of light. Jealousy is absence of love. So my approach is: don't be bothered about jealousy, otherwise you will be getting into such a trap that you will never be able to get out of. Forget about it! It is symptomatic, it is simply indicative. It is good that it indicates something; it is a signal that love has not yet happened. It is good! Learn something from it, take note of it and start moving into love. Enjoy love more and there will be less jealousy. Delight in love more and there will be still less jealousy. Let your love become a totality, a madness. Let it have an intensity, and in that intensity jealousy will be burned out. A real lover has never known what jealousy is. So I will not say to start doing something about jealousy; no, not at all. Thank it because it simply shows something which has to happen has not happened. Put more energy into love. Rather than putting energy into analysing jealousy and fighting with it, put more energy into love. Otherwise you will be distracted: you will start following jealousy, and that is a desert. You will never come to its end. That's where the whole of psychoanalysis has got stuck: it takes symptoms as problems and then starts penetrating those symptoms, analysing. You can go on peeling the onion, you can go on and on, after one layer another layer, and after that another layer. Have you come across a person who is really psychoanalysed? There exists not a single person on the earth whose psychoanalysis is complete. It cannot be! Year in and out you can go to the psychoanalyst, and there is always something which you have to explore. It is a futile direction, it takes you sideways. Go straight into love! So my suggestion is: make love a great celebration. Put your total energy into it with no thought of the future. While you are in love with anybody, don't hold back. If you hold back in the moment that

will become jealousy. If you go totally into it when you are making love, without holding anything, if you are utterly lost in it, your whole body and being becomes orgasmic; you are wild, screaming and singing and crying and weeping and laughing altogether, you will feel such peace arising out of it that nothing can distract you, nothing can disturb you. Make love a feast and these things will disappear!

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