Dance Your Way to God Chapter 10


6 August 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[A sannyasin reports back on a meditation Osho had given him to stare at a light. (see 'a rose is a rose is a rose', friday july 23rd). The sannyasin said he found it hard to sit still; he itched and wanted to scratch.] Allow it ­ don't be worried about it. Scratch and just scratch very consciously. Move slowly. Don't do it like this (Osho demonstrates a rapid rubbing movement). Go very slowly, very consciously. Then the meditation will not be disturbed at all. It is disturbed always by mechanical acts. Meditation is never disturbed by---OSHO NAMAN

Dance Your Way to God Chapter 1


28 July 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[A sannyasin says: I'm not sure which direction to take ­ whether to go out more to people or to go inside myself more. I'm not sure which is best for my growth. Osho checks his energy.] Good, come back. The energy is really good. You have to do both. Choosing won't be good. These are not alternatives ­ whether one should go out, meet, mix with people, or should go in. Both are needed together. If you move towards one, you will become lopsided. So sometimes go out, mix with people, forget yourself. Then really go out. And make it part of---OSHO NAMAN

CropA 20Cup of Tea Chapter 1


¡b¿Also called Flowers of Love. Letters 151 to 350 are published in other books: The Silent Music 30 Turning In 30 What is meditation? 45 The Gateless Gate 30 The Dimensionless Dimension 35 The Eternal Message 30 ¡/b¿ 1. I received your letter. How lovingly you insist on my writing something, and here am I, drowned in a deep silence! I speak, I work, but I am steeped in emptiness within.

There, there is no movement. Thus I seem to be living two lives at one time. What a drama! But perhaps all of life is a drama and becoming aware of this opens the door to a unique freedom. That which---OSHO NAMAN

Books I Have Loved Chapter 9


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Now is my time. I don't think anybody has spoken in a dentist's chair. I feel privileged. I see buddhas envious of me. The P.S. continues.... The first book today: THE DESTINY OF THE MIND by Haas. I don't know how his name is pronounced: h-a-a-s ­ I pronounce it Haas. The book is not very well known for the simple reason that it is so profound. I think this fellow Haas must be a German; even so he has created a book of immense significance. He is not a poet, he writes like a mathematician. He is the man who gave me the word philosia.---OSHO NAMAN

Books I Have Loved Chapter 8


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Be a Junnatha ­ a seeker. The P.S. continues. The first book is Friedrich Nietzsche's WILL TO POWER. He never published it while he was alive. It was published posthumously, and meanwhile, before it was published, many of your so-called great men had already stolen from the manuscript. Alfred Adler was one of the 'greatest' psychologists. He is one of the trinity of psychologists: Freud, Jung and Adler. He is simply a thief. Adler has stolen his whole psychology from Friedrich Nietzsche. Adler says: Man's basic instinct is the 'will---OSHO NAMAN


Books I Have Loved Chapter 7


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Okay. I have heard your notebook open. Now it is my hour, and my hour does not consist of sixty minutes. It can be anything ­ sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred... or beyond numbers even. If it is my hour then of course it has to be consistent with me, not vice versa. The postscript continues. The first name today is one not even heard in the West: Maluka. He is one of the most significant mystics in India. His full name is Malukdas, but he only called himself Maluka as if he were a child ­ and he was a child really, not 'as---OSHO NAMAN

Books I Have Loved Chapter 6


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Now the postscript. In the last session, when I said this is the end of this series of fifty books that I wanted to include in my list, it was only arbitrary. I don't mean the end, but the number. I had chosen fifty because I thought it would be a good number. Anyway one has to decide, and all decisions are arbitrary. But man proposes and God disposes ­ God, who is not. When I said this is the end of the series, the crowd that was bugging me ­ Jaydeva of GEET GOVIND, Madame Blah-Blah Blavatsky of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, and the whole---OSHO NAMAN

Books I Have Loved Chapter 5


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Now the work begins. "Athato brahman jigyasa ­ now the inquiry into the ultimate..." that's how Badrayana begins his great book, perhaps the greatest. Badrayana's book is the first I am going to talk about today. He begins his great book BRAHMAN SUTRAS with this sentence: "Now the enquiry into the ultimate." That's how all the sutras in the East begin, always with "Now...athato," never otherwise. Badrayana is one of those who are bound to be misunderstood, for the simple reason that he is too serious. A mystic should not be so serious---OSHO NAMAN

Books I Have Loved Chapter 4


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Okay. Get ready for your notes. The world would have lost much without people like Devageet. We would not have known anything of Socrates if Plato had not written notes, nor of Buddha, nor Bodhidharma. Jesus too is known through his disciples' notes. Mahavira is said never to have uttered a single word. I know the meaning of why it is said. It is not that he did not utter a single word, but that he never communicated to the world directly; it was only through the notes of his disciples. There is not a single case known where an---OSHO NAMAN

Books I Have Loved Chapter 3


1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA

Now my work begins. What a joke! The joke of all jokes is that Sosan, the Chinese sage, was knocking at the door of my consciousness. These mystics are too much. You can never know at what moment they will start knocking at your doors. You are making love to your girlfriend, and Sosan comes and starts knocking. They come all the time, anytime, they do not believe in any etiquette. And what was he saying to me? He was saying, "Why haven't you included my book?" My God, that is true! I have not included his book in my list for the---OSHO NAMAN