Early Talks Chapter 7 Osho Confronts the Followers of Maharishi MaheshYogi


Osho Confronts the Followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1969 pm in Pahalgam, Kashmir, India

In 1969 followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invited Osho to talk to them. This was the first occasion on which Osho addressed a western audience, and the first time he talked publicly at length in English. The discourse has been published in OTI January 1 & 16, 1991; and February 1, 1991. Osho: Really, there can be no method as far as meditation is concerned. Meditation is not a method. Through technique, through method, you cannot go beyond mind. When you leave all methods, all techniques,---OSHO NAMAN

Early Talks Chapter 6


DHRITARASHTRA SAID: O SANJAY, ASSEMBLED ON THE FIELD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, THE FIELD OF THE KURUS, AND EAGER TO FIGHT, WHAT DID MY SONS AND THE SONS OF PANDU DO? Dhritarashtra is blind. However, longing or passionate desire never disappears because of the lack of sight. If Surdas had thought of Dhritarashtra, he would not have pierced his eyes. Surdas pierced his eyes in the belief that the desire and longing would never crop up once sight was destroyed. But desire does not arise through eyes, it arises out of mind. Longing would never end even if one lost one's sense-organs. This---OSHO NAMAN

Early Talks Chapter 2 No Mission, NoMessage


No Mission, No Message

1 October 1969 pm in Pahalgam, Kashmir, India

FIRST QUESTIONER: WHAT IS YOUR MISSION IN LIFE? AND WHAT METHOD SHOULD WE USE TO FULFILL THIS MISSION? OSHO: As far as my mission in life is concerned, there is no such thing as my mission. Neither is there any my, nor is there any mission. I am not teaching something to others ­ there is no message to be given to the world. Messages are many, missions are enough ­ and there is no lack of missionaries, nor is there any lack of thoughts, ideologies, isms. On the contrary, the mind of the world is much too burdened---OSHO NAMAN

Early Talks Chapter 11 Man amp;Man


Man amp; Man

CONVERSATIONS DR. GUINEBERT: ACHARYAJI, WILL YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YOGA, YOGI AND MEDITATION? Osho: The first thing about meditation is that it is not something which can be done. In the whole world we have a notion that meditation means 'doing something'. It is not a doing. It is not an act. It is some thing which happens. It is something that comes to you. It comes to you. It penetrates you. It destroys you in a way and recreates you. It is something so vital and something so infinite that it cannot be a part of your doing. To me meditation is---OSHO NAMAN

Early Talks Chapter 10 Man amp; God--The Spiritual Dimension ofLife


Man amp; God­The Spiritual Dimension of Life

We begin the journey in search of the Supreme Truth. 'Meditation' is going to be our 'via media'. I shall only light the path for you. Then onwards you shall make the journey on your own spiritual strength. Therefore, do not merely lend me your ears but listen to me with attention and then translate the thoughts into action. Mere high thinking is of little use. Good thinkers are an asset to humanity but it is the 'doers' who breathe life into those thoughts by applying them to the day-today activities Action is taking the first step to---OSHO NAMAN

Dont Look Before You Leap Chapter 9


9 July 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[A sannyasin, who is leaving, says: It's one year today since I arrived here, and I'm leaving feeling that I haven't done enough work on myself here.] It is never enough... and it is good that it is never enough. Growth has no end. It is not a journey with a destination ­ the journey itself is the destination. We are not going anywhere. We are just learning how to be here, and here has infinite depth. One can go on and on and on; it is inexhaustible. So that feeling will always be there; it is a healthy feeling. It does not happen to people who---OSHO NAMAN